Are you a member of the church you are attending?  How you answer this question may speak about your ecclesiology. 

     For those that answer this question with a ‘no’, the clarification they give reveals what they think God thinks about the church (ecclesiology).  Some would then say, ‘I am a member of the Church (the universal church of all believers past, present and future), and that is all that matters to God.’  Others will say, ‘The Bible does not teach church membership.’  A final group responds this way, ‘I am not able to see a compelling reason for church membership.’

     My ecclesiology is such that I do believe that church membership matters (both Church and church).  I will address the arguments against church membership in some of my January posts.  Right now, I want you to chew on this quote from Mark Dever in his book What Is A Healthy Church.

So please, friend, don’t grow complacent through some vague idea that you possess the righteousness of Christ if you’re not pursuing a life of righteousness.  Likewise, please do not be deceived by a vague conception of the universal church to which you belong if you’re not pursuing that life together with an actual church (28).