January 2010

Postmodern Architecture

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     Russell Moore will often pose difficult ethical situations on his site and call for thoughtful response.  Recently he addressed the Christian and tattoos.  As one who has a tatoo, (at age 19, before I was a Christian and before I started using a hint of wisdom) I appreciate his response.

Should I Get a Christian Tattoo (Even If My Parents Don’t Like It)? My Response

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OK, I was 2-2 last week in my predictions.  So, here are this weeks predictions…..drum roll…………………….

Indianapolis over NYJ (sorry Kate, still like the Jets, but Indy will win)

New Orleans over MN (I am not sorry Vikings fans, I am a bitter, old man now and my dislike of the Vikings only intensifies as I get older, more grey and more round…haha)

13 weeks

23 Weeks

36 weeks

     Here are my predictions for this weekend’s playoff games:

  • Arizona over New Orleans
  • Minnesota over Dallas
  • Indianapolis over Baltimore
  • San Diego over NYJ

This is how I hope it turns out:

  • Arizona over New Orleans; or New Orleans over Arizona (like them both)
  • Dallas over Minnesota (wow, I can’t stand either of these teams, but as a self-respecting Packer fan, I could never, never cheer for the Brett Barneys)
  • Indianapolis over Baltimore
  • San Diego over NYJ

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