I end the year with my Superbowl prediction.  Keep in mind that I am at less than .500 in my playoff predictions this year.

New Orleans over Indianapolis


  1. I think the NFC is stronger than the AFC
  2. I think that Drew Brees will be on (he was really off against MN)
  3. I think the Colts DB’s are suspect; the Jets recievers consistently were behind the corners.  New Orleans’ recievers are way better than the Jet receivers
  4. I think that Sean Payton is a better coach (not a slight on Caldwell, Payton is one of the best coaches in the NFL)
  5. Dwight Freeney: it will hurt the Colts pass rush
  6. Bush, Sharper & Shockey are going to have big games
  7. DISCLAIMER:  If Peyton Manning comes out and blows up the NO secondary, then the first six points won’t matter