1. Nice to end the year with a correct prediction.
  2. Love Sean Payton, still bummed that the Packers chose McCarthy over Payton…oh well, McCarthy is good (better than Chilly :)).
  3. Well played game; few penalties and only one real turnover.
  4. Teared up when I saw Brees holding his son after the Superbowl.  Awesome!
  5. Amazing Super Bowl party
  6. The food:  Steamed oysters, peel-and-eat shrimp, hickory-grilled wings (with a southern tang…mmm), homemade sausage, fresh fruit and veggies, and chocolate chip cookies that were so soft they melted in my mouth.
  7. The friends:  About 10-15 of us enjoyed the game, muted the commercials and talked and laughed. 
  8. The singing:  By the end of the game, the Saints fans would sing “Oh when the Saints” every time they scored or made a big play.  FUN!
  9. The result:  WHO DAT!  If it wasn’t the Packers, the Saints were my next choice in this year’s playoff field.
  10. And….Kimberly won the prize for the total points and winner contest!  The Schmidt boys have a football momma on their hands.