A few of the young couples in our church joke that every one of my sermons must have two things: a sports reference and a quote from The Jesus Storybook Bible.  There is much truth in their observation.  I love sports and I love The Jesus Storybook Bible.

     The Jesus Storybook Bible is the best children’s Bible available.  My wife and I have three children.  The two oldest have heard the stories in this Bible so many times, they can recite many of them from memory.

     Why is The Jesus Storybook Bible so good?  There are many reasons, but I will share three.

   First, this Bible correctly understands that Jesus Christ is the lens through which we are to read and understand the Bible.  I love how Sally Lloyd-Jones weaves in the terminology of rescuer, redeemer, savior throughout the Old Testament stories to point to the true rescuer, redeemer and savior.  My oldest son now recognizes types and shadows in the Bible because of this introduction that is both clear and age-appropriate. 

     Second, the illustration is amazing.  Our family loves the pictures.  The pictures for the David & Goliath were brilliant.  For the longest time, one of my boys would ask for “Goooooliath” every night.

     Third, this Bible has depth.  I find myself picking up things about the narratives that had never crossed my mind.  For example, in the story of Noah and the Flood.  Lloyd-Jones makes the comment that the rainbow was like God’s giant war-bow pointed away from earth and toward the heart of heaven.  Wow!  What a way to describe God averting his wrath from sinful man towards Jesus Christ, the God-man.

     If you are looking for a baby shower gift, buy a copy of this book.  If you are a pastor, parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, friend, please buy one for yourself and another to pass along as a gift.  This Bible will help children (and adults) get a sense of what Jesus was explaining on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:27).