I am reading a book titled, “What is the Gospel?” by Greg Gilbert.  He summarizes the Gospel (he expands upon each point) with these four points: God, man, Christ, and response.  In his chapter on man, titled Man the Sinner, he says that one of our problems in understanding and sharing the Gospel is that we confuse sin with sins.  Listen to his argument:

 “Sins don’t shock us much.  We know they are there, we see them in ourselves and others every day, and we’ve gotten pretty used to them.  What is shocking to us is when God shows us the sin that runs to the very depths of our hearts, the deep-running deposits of filth and corruption that we never knew existed in us and that we ourselves could never expunge.  That’s how the Bible talks about the depth and darkness of our sin-it is in us and of us, not just on us.”