Trekkies are weird.  There, I said it.  But, I must grudgingly admit that I am able to connect with them on some level.  I am a Lostie.  For the past four years, Kim and I have caught up on and set our schedules around LOST.  Sunday evening the show ended.  I have a couple of thoughts I would like to share with you.

  1. The show was the greatest television series of my lifetime.
  2. The finale was the greatest ending for a television series ever.
  3. I suffered through the Seinfeld finale, which was pointless.  It accomplished nothing.
  4. The LOST finale accomplished what it intended to do: answer the big questions (what happened to the characters) while leaving a certain amount of ambiguity and questions so we can continue to think and discuss the philosophical issues that were prevalent in this series.  One of the big draws to LOST was the ambiguity that made us think and discuss.  I think that many who were disappointed in the finale are forgetting what LOST was about.
  5. I think that all television series should learn a lesson from LOST and have a planned series life.  I am actually ready to move on with my life without LOST (and at this point I diverge with my Trekkie friends).
  6. I think that LOST touched on the spiritual nerve of our world.
  7. I think that LOST intrigued Christians because of its allusions to the Christian metanarrative in its philosophical themes (good vs. evil; free will vs. determinism; faith vs. reason; etc.).
  8. I think that LOST made many people angry because it deliberately focused on ambiguity.
  9. I think that LOST made many Christians angry because it was not a Christian show, but they wanted it to be a Christian show.
  10. I think that LOST has and will open up a lot of conversations about the nature of faith, free will and good & evil in the world.  The Christian metanarrative gives a consistent answer to all of the questions and tensions concerning these issues.
  11. I really like what Denny Burk has written about the show and the finale here.