I am reading Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe by Mark Driscoll & Gerry Breshears.  Currently, the subject is the Fall.  So, what did the Fall (Adam & Eve’s historical sin of rejecting God and His Word) give us?  Driscoll & Breshears offer an interesting reversal on the great exchange.

A respect for authority was replaced by rebellion.  A clear conscience was replaced by guilt and shame.  Blessing was replaced by physical, spiritual, and eternal punishment.  Viewing God as a friend to walk with was replaced by viewing him as an enemy to hide from.  Trust was replaced by fear.  Love was replaced by indifference and even hatred.  Intimacy with God was replaced by separation from God.  Freedom to obey God was replaced by enslavement to sin.  Honesty was replaced with lying and deceit.  Self-sacrifice was replaced by self-centeredness.  Peace was replaced by restlessness.  Responsibility was replaced by blaming.  Authenticity was replaced by hiding.

I have always viewed the Fall in terms of all of creation being infected or marred by sin.  The replacement theology of the Fall is more concrete.  It helps me to apply the doctrine of the Fall in my life.  For example, when I blame others, I am often rejecting God-given responsibility.  Or, my desire to hide from life issues is an assault on authenticity in my own life and character.

Sin impacts so much more than our eternal destiny.  It wages war against life as it is supposed to be lived.  No wonder Psalm 1 speaks of the blessedness of the man who avoids sin and trusts in the Word of the LORD.