Posted by Dean Paulson

September 11, 2001 was a day that we will not ever forget.  There were so many powerful images and memories of that tragic day.  I would like to share one with you that did not make the headlines. 

That evening I sat down with my children to explain what had happened and to hear their thoughts and feelings about what was going on.  My four year old daughter made a profound statement.  She said, “Dad, those men ought to be punished.”  This led into an amazing discussion in which I told her that a just and holy God certainly would punish those men.  I told her that those men would be punished but not just for flying planes into buildings but for all of their sins.  I explained because God is both holy and just he cannot ignore sin.  I explained to her that sin has to be punished and either we will get punished for our sin or Jesus would take the punishment for us.  I told her that Jesus died on the cross so that if we ask him to forgive us of our sins he is faithful and just to cleanse us from all unrighteousness  (I John 1:9) and that he would take the punishment for our sin.  She prayed and asked Christ to forgive her of her sins.

There are many important things to remember about 9/11.  I invite you to add this one to your memories of that day. Remember a young girl repenting of her sin and putting her faith in Christ.   I have a feeling that she wasn’t the only one to have put their faith in Christ that day. God is gracious isn’t He!