Posted by Dean Paulson

The New York Jets are making a lot of headlines these days.  Now it is about the treatment of a female sports reporter.  I am not going to comment on that situation because I have not researched the allegations.  It is interesting to me though, that we can become so desensitized and politically correct that we now lack wisdom.  The question I have is should an athlete have the right to privacy and to be able to shower and change without being in the presence of a reporter of the opposite gender.  Remember, we are not talking about a doctor or nurse but someone who is asking questions.  Now I believe that a woman can be a sports reporter but is it decent and right for them to be allowed to walk around in a locker room when men are dressing.  I would ask this same question in regard to a man in a female locker room.  What about modesty, prudence and wisdom. 

What has happened to wisdom?  The question is not can a women reporter walk around in a locker room in which men are showering and dressing, because she physically can. The question is not can a male reporter walk around a female locker room in which women are showering and dressing because he physically can.   The question is, is it wise.

Proverbs 4:7 says “Wisdom is Supreme, therefore get wisdom.  Though it cost all you have, get understanding.”  Wisdom doesn’t ask can I do this but is it best, good, honorable, decent.  Why did our parents have rules like not being allowed to have someone of the opposite sex in our bedroom?  Rules like you cannot stay out all night when you are sixteen.  Not because we had no self-control or that they didn’t trust us.  It was because it was not wise.  It was that simple.  It was not wise and we knew what that meant.    

Poor Sam Wyche, former coach of the Cincinnati Bengals back in the day.  He had wisdom and felt it was indecent for female reporters to walk around the locker room when his men were showering and dressing.  He provided a room so female reporters could still do their jobs and have exclusive interviews with members of the team.  Just not when they were dressing and showering.  For that he got fined thousands of dollars by the NFL.

Does this seem sexist?  Some would call it that.  It seems like wisdom to me.  By the way, do male reporters have complete access to female athletes’ locker rooms?  That is a real question because I am not sure.  If they don’t (which I hope is the case), that would be sexist.

Next time you and I have to choose between political correctness and wisdom, I pray we choose wisdom.  Remember, wisdom is supreme. Get it no matter the cost.