Posted by Ken Schmidt

I am delighted to introduce another contributor to asgraceextends.   Another of my great friends, Scott Davis, will be joining us on this blog.  Let me share some details about Scott.

Scott is a Florida native, he relocated to Louisville, KY to pursue and finish his M. Div and Ed. D (Doctor of Education).  So, we are adding a bit of academic prestige to the blog!  He currently serves as the Associate Pastor for Education & Adults at Cedar Creek Baptist Church in Louisville, KY.  Prior to serving full-time at Cedar Creek, Scott served as the Director of Admissions at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville.

He is married to the lovely and talented, Marcie Kay Davis.  They have four children (I will let Scott brag about his wife and children).  I will only say that Scott married wwwaaayyyy up.  And, Marcie is the most competitive Settlers of Catan player in the world.

Scott is devoted to the Bible, his family,  theology, the local church, discipleship, and football.  This last area introduces a significant issue in Scott’s life.  He is a Miami Hurricanes and Miami Dolphins fan.  Pray for him.

On a serious note, Scott is one of three men that speak truth into my life on a personal level.  Scott is a godly man who I look up to as I strive to be more and more like Christ.  I thank God that he has placed a friend like this in my life.  He and I talk weekly and he challenges and encourages me greatly.  I am thrilled (as is Dean) to have Scott disciple us through his blog posts.

Thank you Scott, for your willingness to point us to Jesus Christ through some thoughtful posts.