Posted by Ken Schmidt

Recently, I gave up Facebook status updates.  I did so because Facebook has served as a mirror to point out areas of sin in my life.

First, I realized that my need to continually update others of my status stemmed from a need to feed the idol of self-recognition in my life.  I want others to see how great my life has turned out.  I want others to know that I have it together.  I want others to know how cute my kids are.  I want others to know that I married the greatest woman in the world.  I want others to notice me!  I feel like the “Me-monster” in comedian Brian Regan’s ‘Dinner Party’ bit.

Second, I realized that I have a very critical heart.  Numerous status updates of others can cause me to shout, “Who cares!”  Not a godly response, I understand this.  One of the ways to combat sin is to flee from it.  Therefore, I have employed this amazing feature on Facebook.  I can hide status updates.  I am not doing this as an indictment of those posting status updates.  Rather, I am hiding them so I won’t act out in this area of sin.  I am praying for a tender heart in the area of listening to others as they speak of themselves and those dear to them.

Third, I realized that status updates have the ability to draw me in.   The sin issue involved here is self-control.  The reason I joined Facebook was to keep in contact with the younger generation.  I have noticed that the younger generation will take a day or two to respond to an e-mail.  However, if I send them a Facebook message, oftentimes the response will be within minutes.  So, the key for me is to use self-control and use Facebook for in the way I originally intended.

The moral of this post:  Facebook is bad…ha, ha.  No, Facebook is just like anything else in our world.  It is neutral, it can be used for good or evil.  In many ways, I can and will use Facebook for good.  In the ways in which I have realized I was using it (or was it using me?) for evil (i.e. to sin), I am attempting to cut out like a cancer in the body.

Should you abandon Facebook completely?  Should you limit your Facebook use?  Should you continue to use Facebook as usual?  I don’t know the answer to these questions.  I would challenge you to use Facebook as a mirror and ask the Holy Spirit to point out areas of sin.  If they are there, fight them!  If not, rejoice in this great tool that God has given us to connect to others.