Posted by Dean Paulson

I decided it was time to try to get back on track with my blogging.  I am not sure if getting on track with a blog referring to Charlie Sheen is a good idea?:)

I have not followed the situation with actor Charlie Sheen in detail.  I have tracked bits and pieces and sound bites.  There are many things we could comment on in a situation like this but two come to mind that would be good for all of us to remember.

First, the mind is a fragile thing.   Mental health is not something to play around with.  Just like we are to keep our physical bodies healthy and our spiritual lives strong we should give proper attention to our emotional wellbeing.  Emotional fatigue is a serious matter as is depression and anxiety and the other mental health issues.  Presumably Jesus got emotionally fatigued, physically tired and spiritually worn, thus he would take off in a boat to get away from the demands that were on him.  What do you need to do for your emotional wellbeing?  If it is godly and biblical then make it a priority in your life.  Don’t wait until your emotional health is depleted, it will take a lot longer to repair it than it will to protect it.

Second, one of the great tools for Christian maturity and sanctification is a rarely used tool and discipline today.  It is called self -reflection.  Looking at ourselves in the mirror and with the help of the Holy Spirit, honestly and realistically assessing our own character and actions is essential if we want the fruit of the Spirit to be developed in our lives.   I truly believe that most of the relational problems that we have in the family, work, church and our communities exist because people cannot be honest with themselves.  The result is that those character traits that the Holy Spirit wants to transform are never dealt with.  Those patterns of behavior that hurt others and us are never addressed.  This happens mainly because we don’t believe the Bible.  We don’t truly believe it when it tells us that our nature is sinful and selfish.  Since the Bible is true, I need to realize my own propensity for denial and my own desire to look good to others.  All this leads us to a lack of personal honesty.

Here is a little assignment for you.  Spend some time asking God to reveal to you three things in your character that he wants you to give attention to.  Remember with the help of the Holy Spirit our character can be changed.  Also ask him for three ways that you relate to or treat people that he wants you to change.  This kind of self- reflection, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit can be life changing.  I know from personal experience. 

After 25 years of ministry the situation with Charlie Sheen is not new to me.  Sadly, I have seen it all too often even amongst those who claim the name of Christ.  And yes even some of the exact same issues.  The good news is we have a gracious and merciful God.  And with a little honest personal reflection, and by His grace and Mercy, Christ will reveal what else he wants to address in our life.  And Christ will get the glory for, and we will get the benefit of, a transformed life.